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Microwave Sensor Led Tube special for parkling lot,station and airport

Ecosram  Add Time: 2011-12-27


Microwave Sensor LED T8 Tube : LED T8 Tube  + External Isolated driver + SensorDim


SensorDim Specification: (Detailed data

Operating voltage(DC): 30-100VDC
Operating current: <800mA
Standby power: <0.3W (not include power supply)
Detection area: 10%/30%/50%/80%/100% (customized but fixed by factory)
Hold time: 5s/15s/30s/5min/10min (customized & adjustable by customer)
Daylight threahold: 2~500lux
Standby Period:5min/10min/20min/1h/disable(customized &adjustable by customer)
Standby Dimming level: 0%/5%/15%/30%/50%(customized but fixed by factory)
Sensor principle: microware motion detector(Doppler Radar Principle)
Microware frequency: 5.8GHz +/-75MHz
Microware power: <1mW
Detection range: ≤10m, 30~150°
Motion detection: 1~20KM/h
Mounting height: ≤5m
Operating temperature: -10℃~+60℃ IP20


Features: No car/people moves, only 5-10%(customized) brightness; if car/people moves, 100% (customized) brightness, best for parking lot, bus-train-subway-airport, 90% energy Saving than normal function led tube. For Microwve sensor led tube in parking lot/ garage/basement, please check: 

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