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Why replace fluorescent tube by LED tube?

Ecosram       Add Time:2009-08-12

11 reasons to switch from fluorescent tube to LED tube:
•   Better lighting & up to at least 80% lower running costs with LED tubes
•   Carbon Trust recognized supplier of LED tube lights
•   LED tube lights are quality checked prior to delivery
•   Compatible with standard T8 and T10 light fittings
•   Replaces the traditional fluorescent tube directly
•   Options on circuit types, No Starter or Ballast requirment.
•   Option of rotational end caps that help you direct light accordingly
•   Warranty of every tube sold
•   Payback on whole investment in around 3 years
•   Lifespan of LED tube is 10 years or 50,000 hrs
•   Trusted & secure place to buy LED tube lights 

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