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Filament LED Bulb perfectly replaces Incandescent bulb

Ecosram  Time: 2014-2-18



Filament LED Bulb perfectly replaces Incandescent bulb

Edison has never thought his invention “Incandescent bulb” which lights the world for 135 years will be banned in 2014. USA banned the sale of all wattages Incandescent bulb on 1st Jan 2014, at the same time 75W&100W type was forbidden in Canada and 40W&60W will be also banned before 31st Dec. 2014. A rule of “Incandescent bulb cleaning gradually” is issued by China government in Nov. 2011: It’s forbidden to import or sell >100W incandescent bulb from Oct. 2012 and 60W also forbidden since Oct. 2014.

What we should do to research new led bulb based on Incandescent bulb ? First we have to solve 3 problem related with Incandescent bulb:

1.    Wattage:

Incandescent bulb is high power consumption: 15W,25W,40W,60W,100W

2.    Heat problem:

Temperature of lighting incandescent bulb is >100

3.    Lumen

Efficient lumen flux of incandescent bulb is about 7-9lm/W.

To keep the original appearance of incandescent bulb, Ecosram LED Technology Limited researched long time and solved those 3 problems. Filament led bulb released successfully! Ecosram 1.8W 360°filament led bulb can replace 25W incandescent bulb: It can be 225lm and lamp body only 35-45. Filament led bulb replaces incandescent bulb perfectly. Try now, make life more eco-friendly and brighter! 


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