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How is cheap LED Tube light made ?

 Ecosram  Time: 2014-2-12

How is cheap LED Tube light made ? 

As Led technology grows quickly, the price is better and better. And many clients always ask for low price from China factory and many factories can make it no matter how low the price is ! Now let’s check how is cheap led tube light made.

A professsional engineer got a cheap price led tube light, which is made with “Resistive and capacitive pressure relief”. 60cm 9W retail price is only about 5USD. Look at the below picture, you’ll find the led tube is with good colorful package design AND pretty good appearance:

Nice work on labels:


But, let’s check inner structure: How’s your feeling ? The driver is “Current regulative diode” and only with 7pcs components.


How about heat “The cooling process system” ? Even no “Thermal silicone grease” between aluminum pipe and aluminum PCB board. How can the led tube solve heat problem well ?


Testing report of T8 LED Tube Light 17W as following:


Photoelectric parameter: From the driver structure we can tell that this led tube will be largely effected by input voltage. The test also improves: <155V, the led tube almost doesn’t work; but the whole lamp consumption is almost 20W when 250V. Led chips temperature raise obviously and lamp body temperature is almost 60.


Input current is OK, but so bad in Output current. So the Power factor only can be 0.6.


From the analysis, we can find no matter what’s the price, all led tubes look the same on appearance, even better in package. But, the inner structure tells us why there’s different price on led tube. This kind of led tube right for an old saying: “All outer show but inward emptiness.” So, it’s not reliable to distinguish the led tube quality only seeing tube appearance. Buy sample, disassemble it and test led chip lumen efficiency. Then you maybe make smarter decision! 

Remark: The test report and anylisis result is reprinted from:

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