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Hottest: Rechargeable led flood light + “Smart” led bulb from Ecosram

 Ecosram  Time: 2014-1-27

Hottest : Rechargeable led flood light + “Smart” led bulb from Ecosram

Tens of years, LED Lighting technology is developing quickly. More and more series of led light released: LED bulb, led tube light, led spotlight, led par lamp, led downlight, led panel light etc indoor led lighting and led street light, led wash lamp etc. outdoor lighting. With more and more mature technology, also better and better price.

These several years, emergency battery led lamp is more and more needed by global market. Emergency led tube is the most widely used in the market before. As people’s life goes more wonderful, rechargeable led flood light is released to meet so many different demands: camping, fishing, car working, adventure even various rescue in the evening. Because of it’s portable and can be set in any place, so more and more popular in personal life. It’s rechargeable and can be 3h-8h working time with an AC85-265V charger and a DC12V car charger. 5W,10W,20W,30W,50W power for different lighting demands. Can be Taiwan Epistar LED chip or USA Bridgelux led chip. 10W rechargeable led flood light is equal to 100-120W halogen lamp brightness. It’s wired if someone goes fishing with an emergency led tube light. But rechargeable led flood light is much better and more convenient.

“Smart” led bulb makes you control the led bulb by the phone or iPAD. Is it amazing? “ Smart” led bulb is firstly designed by Philips, but now is also available from Ecosram LED Technology Limited. You can use Remote controller to control the led bulbs, also can download an App on you iPhone/iPad, then control the lamps on your mobile phone/iPad. Wifi controller is the most powerful controller: You can dim the colors and brightness, just on the same controller.

Why the led bulb can change colors? There are five unique and expensive lime-green LEDs in each bulb, balanced by four red-orange ones and two blue ones. Together, these LEDs produce a range of colors, including a nice span of "whites," from warm to cold.

This year, in 2014, Ecosram made another innovation of led light for people: Ultra-light led lamps, which makes people stop wasting money on buying aluminum. Ecosram Ultra-light weight series of led lamps include: High bay led light and led ceiling downlight. This patent design makes the lamps only 1/5 weight of normal led lamp at same price or even lighter. For example, normal 100W led high bay light is about 5.5kg net weight, but Ultra-light weight high bay led light can even be picked up by 2 fingers. Most important is the price: with same wattage and lumen, our high bay led light is much cheaper than normal one and 3 years warranty high quality.

More details will be showed after new year in March. Let’s look forward to it !


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