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Ultra-light weight LED lamps: stop wasting money on Aluminum

 Ecosram  Time: 2014-1-16


Ultra-light weight LED lamps: stop wasting money on Aluminum

Good new in 2014 to all clients!

Ecosram LED Technology Limited is always focused on developing new technology in led lighting: Higher quality, higher lumen, better design but cheaper price. Last year, we have great sales in patent design led bulb and candle lamp; led tube and Rechargeable led flood light 10W,20W which makes people’s life brighter, easier and more convenient. This year, in 2014, Ecosram made another innovation of led light for people: Ultra-light led lamps, which makes people stop wasting money on buying aluminum.

Our Ultra-light weight series of led lamps include: High bay led light and led ceiling downlight. This patent design makes the lamps is even <1/3 weight of normal heavy led lamp at the same wattage or even lighter. For example, normal heavy 100W led high bay light is about 5.5-6.5kg net weight, but Ultra-light weight high bay led light is only 1.67kg-Short lampshade; 1.79kg-Long lampshade can even be picked up by 2 fingers. Ultra-light weight 50W led high bay light is only 0.97kg-Short lampshade; 1.51kg-Long lampshade. Most important is the price: with same wattage and lumen, our high bay led light is much cheaper than normal one and 3 years warranty high quality.

Same patent design is also available of led downlight: 9W,12W,15W,20W,25W,30W,50W for your choosing. Lighter in weight but better in price and heat dissipation. 

2014 the most innovative led light will make you less cost and better light experience! 



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