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Best outdoor activity lighting: Portable rechargeable led floodlight

 Ecosram  Time:  2014-1-5

 Best outdoor activity lighting: Portable rechargeable led floodlight

When people camping, fishing, car mending or wild adventure, they’ll take some emergency light. But most of the light sources aren’t bright enough if convenient for carrying along or not enough working hours. No one like taking a spare big battery for using. So people need a new version emergency work light to meet their different demands: wide range of lighting, bright enough and easy to be portable, longer emergency working time but light to carry. Portable Rechargeable led floodlight comes into people’s life and will bring new experience to people.

Portable Rechargeable led floodlight can be 5W,10W,20W,30W,50W and 2h,3h,6h,8h even 16h of 10W, meeting different places different usages. 3-8 hours charging, 3-8 hour working time then. For example portable rechargeable led flood light 10W 8hours working time: 8hours charging, 8hours working time led work light. If need 10W 16hours, also available. The led chip is USA Bridgelux which can reach up to 100-120lm/W; comfortable carry handle and pretty design, also 5 different colors for people choosing. IP65 grade allows it working even raining. Flexible design and bottom makes it work in many different places, especially for car working at night. Image that when you driving home in the evening but car broke, with rechargeable led flood light, things gonna be easier. Never worry that you forgot to charge it when want to use, because it also can be charged by car of DC12V.

Because of so many advantages of portable rechargeable led flood light, more and more people know it and change to use it. There’re some suggestions for people when using it:

All rechargeable led flood lights are full charged before shipment..

Please use the charger originally equiped with the lamp.

Please DO NOT turn on the light when charging.

Please DO NOT use a modified or damaged charger.

Please DO NOT leave the lamp in charge over 24 hours.

Please DO NOT disassemble the lamp.

Please recharge the lamp every six months if stock.


This device utilizes a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can rupture, ignite and cause serious injury if misused. Observe the following safety rules:

  Do NOT place battery/device in fire or high temperature.

  Do NOT tamper with battery wiring.

  Do NOT puncture or damage battery.

  Do NOT immerge or expose battery to water.

  Do NOT alter or modify the battery.

  Do NOT attempt charging the battery in any manner other than that prescribed in this manual.

  Failure to heed warnings may cause personal injury and /or property damage.



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