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G24 PL LED Lamp, G23/GX23 PLC LED Downlight: make house brighter

 Ecosram  Time: 2013-12-12

G24 PL LED Lamp, G23/GX23 PLC LED Downlight: make house brighter

Nowadays, more and more kinds of led ceiling light came into people’s life: led bulb, T8/T5 LED tube light, LED strip light. Also some led lamps with not that common lamp base: G24, G23, GX23, even G23-2, GX23-2 bases.

To meet different demands of international markets, Ecosram LED Technology Limited has developed G24 PL LED lamp with 2 pin or 4 pin, G23 PL LED bulb, GX23 PLC LED downlight. It’s now widely used to replace CFL lamp of Osram, GE, Philips or other brands. The excellent lumen flux makes 1W LED Lamp is equal to 2W CFL bulb. OK, let’s do some simple comparison between led lamp and CFL lamp:

1.    Lumen flux: LED lamp is about 100lm/W and CFL is 50lm/W, so 1W LED= 2W CFL.

2.    Life Span: LED lamp designed life span is about 50,000hours, while CFL is 5,000-10,000 ideal life span. LED lamp life span is 10 times of CFL Lamp.

3.    Maintain cost: CFL has to be changed every year while led lamp can work 5-10 years.

4.    No UV, no infrared, no mercury, no flicker.

Many people don’t use LED lamp because of its higher cost than CFL lamp. Indeed, G24 LED lamp is more expensive than Philips CFL lamp, but it can save half electric charge and frequent changing cost, so the investment at the beginning will be rewarded in 1-2 years. But how to choose high quality G24 PL LED Lamp ?

There’s many types of G24 PL LED lamps in the markets: different led chips, different drivers, different designs. These factors make the lamps different qualities. Ecosram G23 GX23 PLC LED downlight features as following:

1. Each led chip with all-aluminum reflective cup

2. Constant current isolated driver, no need to install ballast.

3. 50% energy saving: 5W replace Philips 9W, 7W replace 13W, 9W replace 18W

4. 340 degree rotary base: G23, G24 2 Pin/4 Pin, E27

5. Good heat dissipation performance with Chimney effect: Stretching aluminum lamp shell + heat sink structure + Hollow thermal design. Higher temperature, faster airiness.


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