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LED Candle Lights will be widely used in future lighting market

Ecosram  Time: 2013-12-9


With the high development of led lighting technology and more widely use, there’ll be 2 kinds of traditional lamps to be replaced rapidly: MR16 Halogen lamp and traditional incandescent candle bulb. Especially incandescent candle bulbs, will be replaced by led candle bulbs at 30%.

As reported, 40W traditional incandescent lamps will be stopped being produced at the end of 2014. “It’ll be a good chance for led candle lights”, said by CEO of Taiwan Epistar company. Price of 3W led candle lamps is 3.5-4.5USD/PC. If the needed quantity is 100millions, then the sales amount of led candle lamp will reach up to 400millions or so every year. It’s a huge demand of led candles.

The inquiry can be divided to be 2 kinds: E27 LED candle light and E14 LED candle bulbs. “To make the candle lamp prettier and more simple, most of crystal light are designed to look slim, so E14 led candle lamp is more widely used than E27 ones”. Said by Director of Ecosram LED technology Limited.

Now Ecosram designed new type of led candle lights with E12,E14,E17,E27,B15,B22 bases, to meet different market inquiries. Better design, 330°wide ligt beam angle and 3 years warranty high quality. 4W,5W,6W is available; Aluminum body and glass cover, makes it look more like traditional incandescent candle bulb.

Led candle bulbs price will be lower and lower, but higher lumen as time goes by. It’ll come to be residential lighting soon! 


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