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How far does the LED lamp away from us?

 Ecosram  Time: 2013-11-28

When walking into a shopping mall, you’ll find more kinds of led lamp: LED ceiling down light in a restaurant; LED strip light or spotlight for jewelry case; LED panel light in clothes store; LED fresh light for meat and vegetable; Emergency led light etc.

When walking along the road, you can find LED street lights there: more brighter but lower power consumption. You can find LED wash light, makes the building more charming with different colors. LED flood light plays another important role at night.

However, LED lamps are widely used in projects and some public places. In a word, LED lights now 90% is for public applications.

LED torch light is the most widely used by personal use for residents but still far from being enough. It has some limitation in using. Rechargeable led flood light is more and more familiar by people. You can use it in fishing, camping, car work, emergency rescue or any other emergency situation. It’s portable and rechargeable, and now with new function of magnetic feet: can put it anywhere as long as the magnet works.

Portable Rechargeable LED flood light is known as a Nightsearcher, Nightstar or LED work light in abroad. It’s now already used in official rescue work. The most important, it’s so useful for family use.

In abroad, Rechargeable led floodlight is one of the most popular led lamp. As LED technology growing and cost coming down, LED lamp will be closer to people’s life. These years, many governments invest on led lighting and support led lighting coming to peoples’ houses. We believe LED lamp will take part in 50% lighting role in resident application in 2016





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