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Why use LED light bulbs to replace CFL lamps?

 Ecosram  Time: 2013-11-05


As growing technology of LEDs, Philips CFL light bulb is under threat. Although CFL lamp has enjoyed a long lifespan, it still suffering changes as technologies of TV and radio which have been drastically revised over time.

Why was that? As well known, about 90% of the energy incandescent bulbs use is wasted as heat, with only the remaining 10% actually producing light. Government took a stand against such wastefulness in 2012, banning 100W incandescent bulbs. Similar bans on 40W and 60W bulbs are also in the works. Initially, it appeared that compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLs, would assume the problem, but it hasn't worked out as expected.

"CFLs have been a disaster," says Margery Conner, engineer and creator of Designing With LEDs. Caught between new efficiency standards and a market unwilling to pay a premium for a simple light bulb, manufacturers responded with a flood of poorly built and ill-conceived fluorescents.

The biggest problem is the "cold light" the bulbs produce, referring to their bluish color temperature. But manufacturers didn't explain that CFLs can't be dimmed by traditional dimmer switches. Also, CFL isn’t that good in energy saving as LEDs: about at least 50% energy was wasted as heat while LEDs’ energy efficiency is 95%. That’s why 1W led can replace 2W CFL lamp.

Most LED manufacturers are viewing the growth as evolution rather than revolution. As technologically sophisticated as the guts of these light bulbs are, they're still just light bulbs to most people. LED lights have opened up ways of "doing things you couldn't do with traditional form factors." Convincing consumers to change ingrained habits requires a multifaceted strategy, including attractive pricing, clarification of long-term benefits, and good old fashioned gee-whiz gadgetry. LED technology has to be better than CFL. Someday, LEDs will be popular and common as incandescent bulb to people and everywhere. 




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