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How to replace Metal Halide Lamp(MHL)/ High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp by LED Lamp?

   Ecosram  Add Time: 2013-5-16


LED lamp luminous effect is almost the same as MHL/HPS lamp, why LED lamp can be lower wattage to replace them? Let’s do some analysis: 

Firstly, let’s learn about the luminous output theory of the different lighting sources.

HPS lamp is Point light source: 360° light beam angle. The efficient lighting part on the direction of applications is only about 30%. MHL/HPS lamps lighting on the the irradiation direction must be reflected by the reflector of fixture, to achieve higher efficient lighting use. Therefore, MHL/HPS lamp efficiency is only 40-45% because of the fixture design and the cost.


LED street light/LED Flood light is Area light, and light beam angle is on single direction, so led lamp is with higher light output efficiency

Take Ecosram 100W LED light and 250W HPS Lamp as an example:

1.    Ecosram 100W LED Light initial lumen is 11000lm. Because of light loss rate of lens 10%, driver 10%, the real lumen flux is 8910lm. The total power consumption is 110W, so the led  light lighting effect is 81lm/W.

2.    250W HPS lamp initial lumen is 25000lm, light source utilize loss rate 30%, driver 20%, so the real lumen flux is 12500lm. The total power consumption is 300W, so HPS lamp lighting effect is 41.67lm/W.

We can get a result from the comparation: Ecosram 100W LED  Light lighting efficiency is almost 2 times as 250W HPS Lamp. That’s why we can use Ecosram 100W LED light to replace 250W HPS Lamp, 150-168W LED lamp to replace 400W MHL/HPS lamp.



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