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High quality G24/G23/E27 PL LED lamp

Ecosram  Add Time: 2012-7-23

Ecosram LED Technology Limited released new PL LED lamp with G23,G24,E27 bases: Led chip is 110-130lm/pc 1W high power, beam angle is 160°.The base is 340° rotatable. It can be G23,G24( 2 Pin or 4 Pin), also E27. Excellent heat dispatch performance of the Chimney design and enough aluminum fins design on th lamp backside. Isolated led driver guarantees the lamp safety and long life span. High quality and 3 years warranty also attract more customers' attention.


1. Each led chip with an all-aluminum reflective cup

2. Constant current isolated driver, no need to install ballast. 

3. 50% energy saving: 5W replace Philips 9W, 7W replace 13W, 9W replace 18W

4. 340 degree rotary base: G23, G24 2 Pin/4 Pin, E27

5. Good heat dissipation performance with Chimney effect: Stretching aluminum lamp shell + heat sink structure + Hollowthermal design.Higher temperature, faster airiness 

6. Application: Home, Office, Supermarket, Hospital, Hotel,etc.

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