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Electronic ballast compatible LED Tube

  Ecosram  Add Time: 2015-1-28

With Technology developed, Ecosram made a big progress on Electronic ballast compatible research. Now Ecosram Electronic ballast can 100% match all kinds of ballasts while 99% other manufacturers only can match part ballasts in the martket. 

Electronic Ballast Compatible LED Tube Features:

1.Isolated driver: Conversion efficiency above 90% and power factor >0.95; Much safer than non-isolated driver.

2. Whichever 2 pins are connected to AC85-265V, the tube will work, and another 2 pins left are out of electricity.

3. Just replace the conventional fluorescent tube by Compatible Led Tube, no need to remove the ballast & starter.

4. When starter or ballast bad, just remove them and Compatible Led Tube can work directly with 85-265VAC

5. 100% match all kinds of Electronic & Magnetic ballasts. Wattage & length can be customized!  

Replacement process YouTube video shared:


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