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Rechargeable led flood light quality comparation

  Ecosram  Time: 2014-2-18

Rechargeable led flood light is more and more popular now. It’s portable and rechargeable, now also dimmable rechargeable led flood light. It can work 2h,3h,5h,6h and 8hours.

More and more factories produce it. It looks the same if just check from appearance but different on prices.

Why is it? Let’s do some comparation between Ecosram’s battery-operated power rechargeable led flood light and cordless led work lights from others'

Competitors 10W Floodlight N.W.: 722g ; Ecosram Rechargeable LED Flood light N.W.: 825.5g

Why Choose Ecosram Rechargeable led flood light ?

Flood light the heavier which shows more aluminum, so the heat dissipation is better .

Ecosram heat sink can protect the driver better, so ensure products with long life span

 Why Choose Ecosram Rechargeable led flood light ?

1)    Some competitor use cement resistor inside the lamp only, so they don’t have indicator function

2)    Ecosram Rechargeable led flood light with led indicator:

Charging: Indicator LED flashes red and green

Full charged: Indicator LED turns green         

Working: Indicator LED off

Battery capacity drop to 10%: Indicator LED flashes red slowly (about 1 flash/second)

Battery capacity drop to 5%:  Indicator LED flashes red quickly (about 2 flashes/second) 

Why Choose Ecosram Rechargeable led flood light ?

1)    100% certificate adapter. Adapter is the key component to connect the rechargeable lamp to the AC 100V-240V. People will be punished by government if adapter doesn’t reach standards or accidents happen.

2)    With Over-temperature protection function, when the adapter chip over 80°, it stops working.

3)    With Short-circuit protection & over-current protection function

Using cement resistors Advantage: cheap in price


1: Only can control the input current, no other function.

2: Can't provide constant current for Led chip, therefore, the lumen will come down with capacity decrease;

3: The temperature will be >100°C after working 2 hours,which reduce lifespan of led ,only 1.5 years lift span

4: Much lower Power conversion makes much more energy waste.

Why Ecosram Rechargeable LED flood light uses 2pcs PCB boards ?

1. Constant current makes the long lifespan to be true.

It is known to all that only working in constant current, Led chip can have a long lifespan in theory, Ecosram’s electronic PCB board provides Led chip constant current, so the Lumen of light is more stable.

2. PCB board makes different functions come true.

We integrate different functiones in one piece PCB board , when customer needs to add some function, we just need to add some components in the board.

3.    Electronic PCB board makes the lamp safe when charging and using Ecosram PCB board not only can control the current, but also with over-charging protection and over-discharge protection.

4.    Battery PCB board prevents battery from explosion

Li-ion battery will be dangerous if the temperature > 75°C. It’ll be possible to bomb.

In a word, we make sure the lamp work safe and the lifespan reaches more than 2 years.

 Why choose Ecosram Rechargeable LED Flood light ?

1.  Same test condition, competitors Glue appeared serious discoloration.Ecosram Led glue is still very clear, no any discoloration happens

2.  Good quality Glue and phosphor will keep the led chips brighter and nice lighting effect

3.  Ecosram Rechargeable led flood light Led chip with good quality at reasonable cost.

Why choose Ecosram Rechargeable LED Flood light?

1). Ecosram uses much bigger size chips, so emitting more brightness and with better heat dissipation.

2). Competitors use smaller size chips, if they want to reach the same brightness as ours, they have to larger the driver current. It’ll make LED chip temperature very high, which makes serious lumen decay and driver lifespan decline.

3).Ecosram LED Chip is original packaged Epistar from Taiwan or original Bridgelux from USA. Good & stable quality.

Unique feature: When battery gone, just replace battery box, no need to change the whole lamp.

Product photos on Pinterest, video on YouTube

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